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Laser cavity  
Femtosecond Laser Cavity

Research Topics

  • Multiferroics, which are simultaneously (anti-) ferromagnetic, ferroelectric and ferroelastic and/or ferrotoroidic.
  • Transition-metal-oxides with interface states different from the bulk.
  • Strongly correlated materials with phase transitions determined by the competition of spins, charges, lattice and strain.
  • New states of matter driven by the excitation with ultrafast optical pulses.
  • Nonlinear-optics, second harmonic generation, laser spectroscopy.
  • Thin films growth and multifunctional heterostructures towards low energy consuming spintronics (more details).

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Dennis Meier wins the renowned Gustav Hertz Prize of the German Physical Society (DPG) for his work on multiferroic domain walls.


An ERC Advanced Grant was awarded to the FERROIC group for the development of a new technique for monitoring the emergence of ordered states in thin-film heterostructures.

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Our new review on multiferroics is now online:The evolution of multiferroics

Open Positions

We do not have open PhD and postdoc positions at the moment.

Selected Recent Publications

Recent Publications

Selected Publications


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